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  This gives you an opportunity to discover what is going on around Europe and a chance to compare different types of work developed in response to a variety of challenges. This database provides the basis on which the C&S Partners are developing their guidelines on good practice and training needs, so please add your experiences and views.  

Case study database

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Our aims in collecting case studies from different European countries on-line are:

  • To share an overview of current practice in lifelong learning in museums and galleries
  • To identify trends
  • To discover training needs
  • To produce broad guidelines for good practice and highlight particularly effective approaches
  • To create a supportive network of colleagues working in the field

The Collect & Share case study website is focusing on projects involving groups of adult learners who may be disadvantaged by social or economic factors, discrimination or disability. C&S is developing relevant criteria to identify good practice in this area, these will include projects involving all of the following:

  • Adults, 16 years +
  • Museum(s) and/or galler(ies)
  • Visual Arts
  • Evidence of learning

Click here for detail of initial criteria

In order to make the database as useful as possible, C&S reserves the right not to include a case study if it does not meet the basic criteria listed above. Copyright of the original case study remains with the originator; by completing a pro forma agreement is given for C&S to reproduce the pro forma and credit the case study to support its work.