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  Initial guidelines will be drawn from the case studies submitted to the site and the pooled experienced of Partners. Through a series of seminars C&S will be consulting further on these for peer suggestions.

From summer 2004 C&S will highlight examples of what we, the Partners, identify as suggested good practice in various areas.

Case study initial criteria

Projects should involve work with adults (16 years +) in museums or galleries.

Lifelong learning:

Projects must be about informal or formal 'learning' in some way, ie have some kind of lasting impact or change for at least some of the participants. This could include

  • actual learning of skills (eg ICT or language)
  • learning about museum/gallery content (eg art, social history, science, etc)
  • learning about the role of cultural institutions
  • learning how to learn (eg those returning to education, or learning for the first time)

It is recognised that different learning styles suit different organisations and different people, however, 'learning' should be about personal enrichment, development, empowerment; and so projects would be likely to include at least one of the following as an aim/ outcome:

  • Active discovery and creativity
  • Spiritual refreshment
  • Renewal, not just knowledge
  • Understanding (mutual, of self, cultural)
  • Personal, social and/or civic understanding

We are particularly keen to hear about projects dealing with informal learning.


  • Adult, ie 16 years and older: including young adults, middle aged, elderly.
  • This could include families, providing the focus is at least equally on 'learning' by the adult members of the group.
  • Particularly - but not necessarily - those disadvantaged by social or economic factors, discrimination, or disability.
  • A case study demonstrating good practice that could be 'transferable' to work with disadvantaged groups would be relevant.


  • Projects in or with art museums or galleries (no collection, but with temporary exhibitions, ie kunsthalle) or working with artists (visual artists or other).
  • This could include projects initiated by museums, galleries, artists; or other agencies eg adult education provided they involve collaboration with a museum or gallery
  • Outreach or online projects that do not actually directly involve a museum/gallery visit could be included, providing they clearly focus on museum/gallery content.


C&S Partners are committed to lifelong learning as a way of involving and engaging the public in the longer term. Case study projects are likely to show a consultative approach where project content is developed with the audience group and the organisation is committed to listening and learning from the project too.

Added value

Highlighted case studies are likely to be projects that others can learn from. They will either be innovative and/or effective relative to context, or demonstrate failure in a way that shows lessons learned.

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