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Good Practice
Collecting & Sharing Good Practice for Lifelong Learners in Art Museums and Galleries in Europe.

Training Needs
Training and Professional Development Programmes for Museum and Gallery Educators to Support the Delivery of Lifelong Learning.

Action Points
Promoting More and Better Opportunities for Adult Learning in Museums and Galleries –Changing Lives Across Europe.

Good Practice Evaluation Matrix
This matrix can be used as a working tool for galleries and museums to promote, identify and develop good practice within lifelong learning projects. It should be read in conjunction with the Good Practice publication.


Collect & Share Interim Evaluation Report, Carla Padró, University of Barcelona
Collect & Share Final Evaluation Report, Carla Padró, University of Barcelona

Presentations from the Collect & Share International Conference: Lifelong Learning in Museums and Galleries: a life-changing experience, Stockholm 2005


Collect & Share International Colloquium,
London 16 - 18 June 2004


Training Seminars Reports

European seminars discussing the findings of Collect and Share have / will take place in each of the partner countries - see events page for full details. See below for country specific reports.
Please note there is no set method of evaluation as each seminar is specific to its particular country's needs.


Conclusions of the European Museum Forum Workshop:

Conference Summaries

Seminar Presentations

Discussion Reports

  • Notes from a discussion of English museum and gallery educators working in visual arts and media. The discussion took place as part of Arts Council England’s Insights Conference –a cross-arts conference for education practitioners, Bristol, March 2006.
    Download report.