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C&S news

For news updates from the Collect & Share project, please click on the links below.

  1. Collect & Share launch, January 2004
  2. Website and case study database launch, February 2004
  3. International Colloquium Announcement, April 2004
  4. Good Practice publication Press Release, July 2004
  5. Training Seminar, Denmark, November 2004
  6. Training Seminars, Portugal and UK, April 2005
  7. Final Conference Announcement, April 2005
  8. Training Seminars, Germany and Italy, May 2005
  9. Training Seminars, Slovenia and Finland, June 2005
  10. Training Needs publication Press Release, July 2005
  11. Stockholm Conference Report, August 2005
  12. Action Points publication Press Release, September 2005